Bridger Public Library

The more you read, the more you know.

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Summer Reading Program





To Keep In Touch

Bridger Public Library


To keep in touch

  • Access to databases and Bridger’s catalog online at

  • Five Public Access computers with broadband internet and wireless access in and around the building.

  • Laptop computer with Wi-Fi capability for use inside the library.

  • Four Kindle Touch e-readers for checkout.

For listening and viewing

  • Access to all titles available on which include downloadable audiobooks and e-books

  • CDs and DVDs of various interest

  • Extensive collection of audiobooks for those long drives

For children

  • Many children’s DVDs

  • A Summer Reading Program on Monday mornings

  • A NewChildren’s Computer” alongside additional children’s toys

For “aging” eyes and reluctant readers

  • A large selection of LARGE TYPE books

To Entertain

  • Extensive collection of Adult Fiction with many new titles every month

  • Book Club that meets the 3rd Thursday of the month throughout the school year.

  • Access in-library to Ancestry Genealogy services at

Our Specialties

  • An impressive section of Montana fiction and Montana nonfiction which is shelved separately.


Friends of the Library are always looking for volunteers to help in the library. Anybody interested in grant writing for us? Donations of books, tapes and videos are always welcome and tax deductible. Please stop by and visit your public library.


Bridger Public Library

119 W. Broadway, Bridger MT 59014


Monday 1-7; Tuesday 9-12, 1-5;

Wednesday 1-7; Thursday 9-12, 1-5